Wednesday, June 24, 2009

09/06/24: The 3 parts in the middle

  • What can we grow here? What are the geological and climatic conditions? What is indigenous? What is cultivated?
  • What is in season? What are the patterns of growing/harvesting/producing that need to be considered?
  • What can be bought here? What is at the road-side stands, the market, the grocery store?
  • What sets of skills can be drawn upon? What is the history of the location – the origin(s) of it’s settlers, their settlement patterns, agricultural practices and manufacturing developments?


  • What do the geological and climatic conditions produce particularly well? What grows there easiest and results in the best quality product?
  • What is in prime season? What products taste better at a specific time of year than at any other time?
  • Who is selling the best produce? What determines what is considered “best”?
  • What has the longest, richest history of refinement? What skills were brought to the area with settlers? What skills were required for settling the area? What, currently, are the main exports from the area?


  • How can one educate the local population on available resources – the products, skills, and cultural history?
  • How can one encourage awareness of and careful attention to detail?
  • How can one promote the prioritization of local products?
  • What are the potential benefits and detriments of promoting local specialty products?